The health advantages of Cretan extra virgin olive oil

The advantages of Cretan extra virgin olive oil for a healthy, balanced diet are tremendous. Extra virgin olive oil is one of the best foods to include in your everyday diet in order to improve your health and longevity for you and the people you care (and prepare food) for.

Let’s explore together the most important health advantages of Cretan extra virgin olive oil in your daily diet.

The health advantages of Cretan extra virgin olive oil - the best source of "good" fat for your body

Although fat has been demonized in our overweight culture, and it is the constant “enemy” of every weight-loss program out there, the truth is that our body needs fat, as it needs all the other basic elements of a balanced diet.

But all fat was not created equal. In our today’s “western” diet, most foods contain a lot of “bad” fat, which accumulates in our body and it can cause a lot of troubles, like heart problems and all kinds of – sometimes serious – health problems that come with excessive weight (not to mention how someone looks with 10 or even 20 kilograms more than his/her normal weight).

The answer to this is (a) to eat less fat, and (b) to eat “good” fat.One of the biggest advantages of Cretan extra virgin olive oil is that it’s full of monounsaturated fat, which is the best kind of fat for your health. By using olive oil in your daily diet, you help your body use the fat it needs and metabolize the one it doesn’t need. You also help your body stop accumulating “bad” fat, and to avoid serious health problems in the future, like life-threatening heart problems.

The health advantages of Cretan extra virgin olive oil - low your cholesterol in a natural way

Extra virgin olive oil has been proved by numerous studies again and again to reduce the “bad” LDL cholesterol that can cause many problems in your body – most of the times, heart problems.

On the other hand, it also slightly raises the “good” HDL cholesterol, which means that by consuming olive oil in a daily basis, you have a very important ally in your continuous battle against cholesterol.

The health advantages of Cretan extra virgin olive oil – Fight cancer in advance

Extra virgin olive oil, this truly miraculous food, has been found to posses strong anti-cancer qualities,too.

First of all, extra virgin olive oil has high anti-inflammatory properties, which prevent the development of cancer. These properties are especially beneficial to women, because they play a large role in the prevention of breast cancer.

But extra virgin olive oil is also full of antioxidants, Vitamin E being the most prominent of them, which also have strong anti-cancer properties. It is no coincidence that the Cretan people, who consume the fine local extra virgin olive oil daily, have particularly low cancer rates in the general population.

The health advantages of Cretan extra virgin olive oil doesn’t stop in the above, though. Studies have shown that frequent extra virgin olive oil consumption can also protect from – and help our body cope better with – serious health problems, like blood pressure, diabetes, osteoporosis, and even rheumatoid arthritis.

Extra virgin olive oil is indeed a superfood that can help our body successfully cope with literally every prospective health problem of our today’s “western” culture. And especially high quality Cretan extra virgin olive oil, like the one we make with great care in the Psaroudakis family since 1950, has tremendous advantages for your health. Try it and see for yourself why the Cretan extra virgin olive oil is considered one of the best foods on earth!