Embark on a journey that highlights the unique qualities of our Extra Virgin Olive oil and learn all about its properties.

The role of extra virgin olive oil in the Cretan diet

Extra virgin olive oil is one of the foundations of the Cretan diet. It is the main source of fat in the traditional cuisine of Crete. And, by far, it is the healthiest source of fat you can eat.

Quick and healthy recipes with raw Cretan olive oil

The recipes that use raw olive oil in the Cretan diet are basically kinds of salad, or generally side dishes, that are quick to prepare, but also very healthy.

Why the production of Cretan extra virgin olive oil in Chania is different

The extra virgin olive oil production in Chania follows the traditional Cretan way of producing olive oil. In Crete, tradition plays a large role in producing one of the best extra virgin olive oils in the world.

History of the Cretan olive oil: From the Minoan diet to today’s Crete

The history of the Cretan olive oil dates back to Minoan Crete. If there is something constant in the turbulent and complicated history of Crete, this is the timeless love of the Cretan people for olive oil.

The characteristic taste of the Cretan olive oil has everything to do with the Cretan olives

The Cretan olives are at the heart of the especial taste of the Cretan olive oil. The variety of olives used, and the way they are cultivated, are both crucial in order to produce an extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality, like the one in Crete.

Cretan olive tree: The secret of the quality of Cretan olive oil

The Cretan olive tree is a landmark of Crete for thousands of years. And the quality of the Cretan extra virgin olive oil has a lot to do with it.